Tevar song Lets Celebrate teaser: Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan all set to roll out a New Year anthem!

The popular Pakistani singer makes his entry in Bollywood with this club number from Tevar

Arjun Kapoor-Sonakshi Sinha’s Tevar has been on the tip of the tongue of the fans thanks to real life romance between the lead pair. Not just that, Sanjay Kapoor’s film has made people to sit up and take notice with it’s tevariffic trailer. In fact, such is the reach of Tevar, that a new adjective tevariffic has been coined to describe it.

After creating buzz with it’s first two songs, Superman and Radha Nachegi, the third song titled Lets Celebrate featuring Arjun, Sonakshi and Amplifier singer Imran Khan is set to be out soon. The makers have released the teaser of the song and this is my first impression of the song:

It is the first time one would see Arjun and Sona together in a song. Both Arjun and Sona look stylish, hip, ready to rock the floor to Imran Khan’s tunes. The music suggests that the song will be fast paced club number. The tune has a catchy feel to it, however it is too early to say what the song is all about. More than anything, what caught my eye was a horse in the background doing stunts, standing on two legs. Looks like a fun party number is on our way. But can it be this New Year’s anthem? Lets wait and watch.

Check out the teaser of Lets Celebrate below: